Welcome to The Cozy Stitch!
I’d like to thank you for supporting my small business. My name is Raina, I am a Medical Assistant for one of the local Plastic Surgeons in Tallahassee. I started crocheting as a child as a past time. I grew to love the craft more and have a passion for creating new things. I started my small business on Facebook, and as interest in my Cozy’s arose, I decided it was time to take a bigger step with my business. I’d like to thank my past customers for their support and interest.

I would like to add as a gentle reminder to all, my work is all handmade and takes lots of time. Please also keep in mind your Cozy will be made to order and they are fully customizable in color! My business is also just me; I am the only person making and filling orders. I do of course have the wonderful support of my husband and mom who have helped me make this dream come true.