Tutoring grades K-8
ELA and Math Ohio Standards
Parma- Snow public library and Cleveland Public library MT. Pleasant location
Tutoring Services- in person: 50.00/hr
Private pay day of service. Participating ACE Provider

Camp experience schedule- 4hrs
Arrival- 12:45-1pm
Transportation to destination- 1:00-1:30
Learning experience at local Cleveland destinations 1:30- 4:30
Transportation back home- 4:30-5:00
Dismissal- 5:00

Camp experience schedule- 6hrs
Arrival- 9:45-10am
Transportation to destination- 10:00-10:30
Learning experience at local Cleveland destinations 10:30- 12:30
Lunch- 12:30-1:00
Learning experience at local Cleveland destinations cont. 1:00-3:30
Transportation back home- 3:30-4:00
Dismissal- 4:00

Destinations include but not limited to:
Cleveland Zoo- $6.00 Children will study different animals and their habitats.
Cleveland Botanical Gardens- $9.00 Butterfly investigation- Students will study the life cycle of Butterflies.
Lakewood Historical park- Students will study at the original cottage that was the start of the city of Lakewood, Ohio. Students will collect rocks and sand on the beach and examine them under a microscope to determine their origination.