Gica Home Project LLC is here to assist in creating a better world for young adults to become independent and live a fulfilling life and provide their family members with peace of mind

our goal is to help our clients develop the necessary skills to maintain life
independently. We practice in an integrated approach that generates change by examining our
client’s mental and physical self. Our committed non-judgmental staff is continuously working to find a unique
approach to each client’s treatment plan. Our holistic recovery specialists are on hand to support and assist our
client with autism to develop an independent fulfilling happy life.

GICA stands for GI ( My son Giovanni) and CA ( Nephew Camilo) My sister and I are a perfect example of this public crisis. My Son and Nephew
were diagnosed with Autism and now both are 30 years old adults with disabilities. The system only assists
individuals with disabilities ages 1 to 22. This is the reason why GICA HOME PROJECT LLC is necessary in our community

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