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Hi guys! My name is Diane Soguilon and I am a proud Flipina 🇵🇭. You're probably wondering where I got our name "Binibini" from. Well, binibini is actually a term we use in the Philippines to address attractive women. One of a woman's asset is their hair. The very first thing someone will notice when they look at you is your beautiful hair. Hair makes a huge impact on a person because it gives you an identity that allow you to make a unique appearance. Personally, I have a long curly hair and I struggle to style them. I was tired of having just plain hair with nothing. Recently this year 2023, I went to a Youth Conference and seen a lot of women wearing hair clips, bobby pins, headbands, or just any hair accessories you can think of. I thought at that moment, that those women were very creative with their hair. With my creative self, I thought I should start making my own hair clips. So here we are, I have made some cute designs and I am excited to share them to everyone!

I hope you enjoy our hair clips and wear them with confidence!
To God be all the Glory ♡︎