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Career Counseling - Educational Advocacy - Employment Services

Opportunity ROCS, LLC specializes in assisting individuals of all abilities in reaching their education and employment goals.

Our Story

Shana Baker is the sole member of Opportunity ROCS, LLC as well as a qualified employment professional with 20 years of proven vocational rehabilitation and career counseling experience. Graduating in 2001 from SUNY Buffalo, Shana earned a bachelor’s degree in Community and Mental Health from the School of Social Work. She entered the workforce as a Vocational/Educational Case Manager assisting individuals in recovery from substance abuse and mental health challenges with developing their work and training goals. Shana has since worked in both the public and private business sectors preparing her clientele to realize their professional aspirations.
Shana has found her passion in guiding individuals with barriers to employment and/or education through the job placement process and in doing so created Opportunity ROCS, LLC in 2019. Throughout her career she has worked with hundreds of youths and adults in Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne Counties in discovering their academic potential, recognizing their skills, and maximizing their employability.
Shana is accomplished in providing a wide range of supportive professional services including career assessment and counseling, employment readiness, job development/placement and retention, as well as educational advocacy and college readiness services to recent high school graduates and continuing education students. She has successfully developed strong and trusted relationships with employers and school personnel, alike, and is always seeking new ways to bridge the gap between inclusion and her client’s personal, academic, and professional success.