Why us?

As an Australian business, we are accessible and have experience in building marketing programs for multinational and local businesses alike.

We're highly experienced in building brand presence and awareness on both a national scale and in individual states. We're familiar with what makes markets unique and are great in both face to face and online collaboration with our teams.

We are prismatic - for us that means vibrant and multifaceted. Marketing is our life, we live and breathe it each and every day. We are invested in your business.

We simplify the complex to make things easier for you, so that we can support you as a trusted part of your team.

A true collaboration

We love collaborating as a team with our businesses and we're passionate about working together to drive real marketing outcomes.

A well rounded team

Our founder, Merqtoosha, has been a senior executive level marketer, managing the marketing function in a broad range of organisations.

She has vast experience in squeezing the most out of marketing budgets, revolutionising digital marketing programs, building marketing foundations in a number of operations and creating and growing a number of well known brands.

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Some testimonials

‘I have known Merqtoosha for many years, I appreciate her guidance and support particularly with social media strategy - I couldn't have delivered the campaign without her.
Merqtoosha and her business are very responsive, great to work with and delivered on time, on budget - very appreciative of Merqtoosha's can-do professional attitude and the sage, cost effective advice and no-fuss management that was provided.’
- Jacqui D

‘I had the pleasure of working with Merqtoosha during the very weird time of lockdown during the pandemic.
Merqtoosha is a great asset. She is methodical with great attention to detail. She’s also super calm and lovely. I am a crazy ideas person and she was my perfect counterfoil!
I would recommend Merqtoosha to anyone looking for a great marketing person. She had zero budget to work with for our businesses and still managed to help us get sales via social and eDMs!’
- Jules B

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‘Working with Merqtoosha has definitely been a career highlight for me. She has been wonderfully collaborative and open to the value good creative brings to a brand. We've produced some great work together that is working hard for the business and that's the ultimate for me, in a marketing partner. I've been in the business for 30 years and enjoying working with Merqtoosha and her team more than any other business in all that time, and the work is shining because of it.’
- Anne M

'Merqtoosha displayed a great ability to manage the fine details of complex marketing campaigns. Planning, budgeting and working with multiple stakeholders to deliver on time and on budget come easy to her. She has a passion for developing and executing marketing campaigns that deliver clear brand messages and drive business growth.’
- Justin H

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