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Dexter Ballow


Hello, my name is Dexter Ballow and I am the owner of Rollin Stone Craft burgers. I am a self taught chef with 5 years experience in the restaurant industry and our goal here is to create consistency through food and our guest that would elsewhere fall short within the restaurant and fast food industry. Getting involved with the community and engaging with our guest to build long lasting relationships is what we love most about our job.
It all started in college when money was tight and eating out was scarce. I would get creative with my friends and we all would pitch in and go to Walmart and buy things to grill at the dorms. This not only helped us athletes make our money last but brought everyone closer to each other. Throughout this process I became more creative, using ingredients I had to make meals which soon became an obsession. I have a competitive side so trying to make meals with what I had was definitely a challenge I was up for. Cooking has always been a passion of mine for many years and with the lack of consistency in fast food chains and the lack of customer service I wanted to create an atmosphere that nailed both sectors.