TRL Biomedical Services is an independent service company and asset management of movable medical equipment—diagnostic and clinical devices ranging from infusion pumps and patient monitors to ventilators, beds, physical therapy equipment and more. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, aiming to deliver available equipment within two hours plus drive time.
Hospitals are streamlining processes and turning to smarter options. We will also deal with critical equipment and on-demand biomedical expertise to provide patients the best care possible.

TRL Biomedical Services is expanding to meet growing demand while investing heavily in our equipment fleet and the technology and services to support the important work healthcare providers do every day. Each team member takes pride in knowing they and their company are doing whatever it takes to help hospitals and clinical staff treat patients with the highest quality medical equipment when they need it. Our team works with urgency around the clock, treating every order and every device as though it was intended to treat their own family members.

From major medical centers to underserved rural hospitals, TRL Biomedical serves hospitals all over Texas. We focus our time and energy away from equipment logistics onto what matters most: helping patients heal.