I am excited to help you whiten your smile and I hope you love the results! I want to make sure we are on the same page before getting scheduled.
There are some instructions that you will need to follow before your appointment to make the results more successful. These include,

1) Do not brush your teeth for 6 hours prior to your appointment (it reduces sensitivity in your gums)! I have a way to clean that sticky stuff off your teeth when you get here so don't stress about that plaque! It will be clean when we start.

2) Drink as much water as possible a day before your appointment. Up to 100 oz is preferred. Your mouth has to stay open for 20 minutes at a time with retractors. Hydrate before, between sessions, and after! (I have complementary water if you need some during treatment.)

3) During treatment bring something to do/listen to! A book, music, or enjoy relaxing. You will be slightly leaned back.

4) After treatment is done you have the option to purchase a take home kit, or whitening pen. Both optional if desired.

5) Results will last as long as you let them! Dark drinks (coffee, soda, juices), dark veggies/berries, smoking, etc. Can all affect how long the results will last. I will go over some helpful tips during your appointment to help it last longer.

6) Understand that this whitening treatment (like all whitening treatments) is only temporary. Eventually our teeth will change color and will need to be whitened again.

7) If you have dental crowns or restorations in the front of your mouth the materials cannot whiten. They can have the surface stain lightened but the color of that crown or restoration will not change. If you are worried about this reach out to me and we can discuss how your results might look and if it would be a good fit for you!

8) All sessions before and after photos will be taken. This is only of your teeth. These are required and I am happy to send them to you when we are finished. All pictures taken will be shown to you to make sure the color looks correct, and you approve the picture.

9) I hope we become friends and I look forward to meeting you!

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