Our Story

The Idea for Birdzeye View stemmed all the way back to when our cattle got out on our farm and we were having a heck of a time tracking them down across the endless 40-acre plots of farm land in Central Wisconsin. I told my dad, “Hey, if we had a drone, we would have located these cattle already.” With the help of friendly neighbors and a couple phone calls we got our cattle back into our pasture.

Locating our cattle with a drone grew into the idea of taking aerial photos of farms. In the past, a lot of farmers (and business owners) saw their property from the sky when an entrepreneur in a small plane flying around the neighborhood took pictures of farms & homesteads. Then, by surprise, a sample showed up in the mail along with an order form. That was cool and we bought pictures of our farm, but I want to modernize the idea, flying my drone, skipping the step of going up into a plane.

The idea grew, blossoming into the company I now call Birdzeye View L.L.C. Working with me, I’ll provide photos and aerial footage of your farm land, cabin, home, investment property, progress on your construction site, and equipment operating processes, whatever suits your needs. I want to give you “A Different Perspective” a different view, “Birdzeye View.”