The hummingbird is tailored to home land and business owners, looking for something simple. 5 photos. Estimated 2 hours of work.

Blue Jay

The Blue Jay is tailored for clients looking for strictly promotional videos. Up to Three, 90 second videos. Estimated 8 hours of work.


The Flamingo is tailored to real estate agents selling land or property. 20 photos, up to 3 minute promotional video. Estimated 6 hours of work.

Barn Owl

The Barn Owl is tailored to construction workers, farmers and contractors looking for educational footage or jobsite progress. Example: Operating equipment, commercial snow removal, foundation waterproofing, building progress. 15 photos, up to 5 minute video. Estimated 8 hours of work.


The Eagle is tailored for clients looking for a little more personal or promotional footage. 10 photos, up to 3 minute video. Estimated 5 hours of work.


The Raven is tailored for clients that want to customize their photos and footage. If the offered packages don't suit their specific needs and want to alter the existing packages to do so this is a great option for them. Estimate of time varies on clients desired requests.


$100 dollars an hour. Includes but not limited to flying drone to obtain desired footage, travel time to destination, editing and sending photos and footage. If choosing a simple package like Humming Bird and the client wants a framed developed picture of their property this is included in price.
*All packages start with minimum 1 hour rate*
*All estimates are subject to change and will be discussed openly with clients.*