If we are installing sod for you read here:

To help the installation process move smoothly, please do the following prior to your scheduled installation:

-Make sure sprinkler system and sprinklers are all in working order and provide the correct coverage.

-Do NOT run sprinklers for at least 48 hours prior to your installation. We cannot till in MUD and we cannot just reschedule last minute! Any rescheduling due to sprinklers being ran will result in a rescheduling fee.

-Do NOT spray any chemicals such as weed and grass killers for a few weeks prior to installation. They can contaminate the soil and cause your new sod to die.

-Make sure yard is free of any trash, toys, dog feces, etc.

-Make sure someone will be there to run the sprinkler system so we can flag sprinkler heads.

-Make sure you have arrangements for watering on a daily basis for the next 2-4 weeks after installation.

For the “Do It Yourselfers” look here for tips on how to prepare your yard for sod:

-Sod MUST be in contact with bare, dry, loose dirt about 2-3” deep.

-We recommend tilling the ground and removing any grass and weeds.

-Afterwards, make sure the ground is nice and smooth so the sod makes good contact with the dirt. Any bubbles will cause the sod to not grow properly and could die.

-Sod needs to be laid in a timely manner. It varies depending upon the temperatures, but average time is 3 days.