Anniyah Reynolds (Pictured Above)

Who was Anniyah Reynolds?

Anniyah Reynolds a.k.a Noni was, and is the purest of spirits. A loving child, shy, and courageous. She had a passion for Horses, and all things natural. She was a gamer, and loved her family. Taken at 16 Years Old she is now living on through her Father Patrick J Reynolds, Founder of NONI & Big sister Azzhaley Fenimore Reynolds. She also has another living sister & brother. As well as two nephews who were present the day Anniyah & her big sister Ally were murdered.

Proceeds from NONI will go to the local communities where each branch of NONI is located. Helping bring life, love, and mental well-being through sustainable & noninvasive practices.

Dedicated to the BIPOC, Deaf, and disabled communities. NONI is open to All! Every soul who we meet in person or otherwise, plant, animal, or energy will be welcomed with open arms, love, and light. Like Noni did everyday.

R.I.P Anniyah Reynolds & Ally Reynolds

Please raise awareness for Domestic Violence & Survivors. If you ever need help please call the national crisis help line @ 1-800-273-8255

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