• Safety. As a parent of current students, Jake recognizes that every parent lives in an unfortunate state of fear for the safety of his or her children. While it’s true that we as parents are raising our children in different times than the times of our youth, there is no reason that a trepidatious learning environment needs to be a foregone conclusion. Jake believes that OCPS needs to create safe learning environments where teachers are respected, students are respectful, mental health counseling and intervention is available, and physical surroundings are secure.

• Teacher Support. OCPS has amazing and talented teachers who are stretched and stressed to the limit. Just as our students need a village of support, so do OCPS teachers. Jake wants to do a better job of empowering our teachers, understanding their needs and supporting their classrooms so that we stop losing talent to other professions and can attract the best and brightest for our classrooms.

• Infrastructure. While OCPS continues to build new relief schools to meet the ever-growing student population demands of our area, we must not forget that many of our existing educational facilities in District 4 are in dire need of repair and updates. Jake wants to ensure that all of our facilities are nurturing learning environments by being properly maintained and equipped with current technology.

• Transportation. Bussing continues to be a major concern for parents across District 4. The District 4 School Board representative needs to address the causes of this issue and be willing to work with all parties and business partners to determine efficient solutions that will get students to their schools and back home in a safe and timely manner.

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