Using mild pressure, prenatal massage is designed to help keep you comfortable during pregnancy. (not recommended during 1st trimester). Prenatal massage may also help ease the process of labor and delivery, and help with post partum depression symptoms. Massage can improve mood and quality of sleep. It can also decrease swelling in arms and legs, relieve aches/pains in muscles and joints, and reduce stress and tension.
*May add aromatherapy


A massage tailored to your specific needs. Choose to relax and unwind with a Swedish massage or address specific concerns using different Deep Tissue massage techniques.

Swedish - Using long, flowing, rhythmic strokes, Swedish massage aims to relax and restore the body. This technique uses light-firm pressure working on the superficial layers of tissue. It is a great modality to relieve general tension and stress, to reduce anxiety/depression symptoms, and to relieve tired muscles and joints. This is a great way to increase mood and quality of sleep.

Deep Tissue - After warming up the superficial tissue layers, Deep Tissue uses a firm, slow pressure to target the deeper muscle layers throughout the body. This modality is used to relieve pain and "knots", increase range of motion and flexibility, and to treat overworked muscles. Deep Tissue is a great way to improve function of the body and relieve stress.

*Add any enhancement