The Heartwarming Story of Retro Bakery

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Eric Peterson

Owner & Head Chef

A from scratch bakery using “Old Fashioned” recipes to bring back nostalgic memories of past celebrations.

Our Story

At Retro Bakery, our journey began with a simple love for baking and a deep appreciation for the magic of nostalgia.

Inspired by cherished family recipes passed down through generations, we sought to capture the essence of the past in every cookie, cupcake, and baked delight we create. We believe that baking is not just a skill but an art, and each of our treats is a canvas that reflects our dedication to perfection.

We infuse each creation with the warmth and joy of bygone eras. From the first whiff of freshly baked goods to the moment you take that blissful bite, we aim to transport you to happier, simpler times.

Our cookies are approximately three inches in size, Madeline Cakes and Brownies are two and one half inch rounds.

We are a small bakery and while we would love to accommodate people with food allergies we cannot absolutely guarantee each product is allergen free and would not want to risk anyone's health.

Retro Bakery is more than a place to satisfy your sweet cravings;
it's a place to make memories and relish in the joy of
delightful indulgence. Join us on this journey of flavors,
traditions, and nostalgia.