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From Brooke W on 5/25/24 - The tiramisu was amazing!

From Kim H on 5/24/24 - Beautiful product and presentation

From Jim B on 5/25/24 - Retro Bakery is awesome...soooooo delicious!

From Birdie H on 5/25/24 - Delicious cupcake brought me such joy. And I very much love the packaging too!!

From Deb K on 7/25/23 - [my daughter's] friend Talia ate one of your cupcakes and said it’s definitely the best cupcake she’s ever had!! My son loved the cookies and says you should make them for his birthday.

From Misty K 8/12/23 - [Regarding Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies] These were top tier! The BEST cookies I've ever had! (And we have had a lot of cookies).

From Erica U on 8/18/23 - Purchased an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from their tent at the Saugatuck farmers market this morning. It was very yummy!

From Kristin H on 8/23/23 - Absolutely delicious treats! Enjoyed an entire bag of cupcakes, cookies and brownies!!

From Jackie P on 9/13/23 - Baguettes look great! Just got back from Paris and look as good as theirs.

From Judy P 9/25/23 - Great, fresh goodies made from scratch! Eric's been baking his whole life and I'm so lucky to taste his experience. So good. Everything I've tasted from Retro Bakers scrumptious!

From Kristin H 10/3/23 - Love your baking!! Everything so delicious!!

From mygreenweddingshoes 10/8/23 - Always amazed at how thorough and detailed you are behind the scenes. You're the perfect blend of art and science and deliciousness!

From Judy R on 10/15/2023 - Just at their cafe [Root Cafe and Spirits] (for the third time in a week) and saw all your treats. They look amazing and I want to try your Focaccia.

From Root Cafe, Coffeehouse & Spirits on 10/15/2023 - We are happy to have you and your delicious treats. I just finished one of your tasty focaccia... mmmmmmmm!

From Jim B on 11/4/23 - I stopped by the SCA Market last night to see Retro Bakery booth and meet Eric. I've been a big fan of theirs on social media, but wanted to say hi and try their desserts. Wow!!!!!! Tried the Tiramisu and the Baklava...out of this world!! Run don't walk to their next appearance, you won't be disappointed!
So nice to meet you Eric and congrats on Retro Bakery!! Glad you are part of the community!